About That McKnight

Mildly terrified of small fish, Allison McKnight is an Angeleno turned New Yorker with a love of the written word and the road. Allison is prone to odd adventures, sudden road-trips, and spending entire days (and paychecks) in bookstores.

Tending towards absurdist humor, sassy commentary, and sudden insight, Allison primarily engages in travel writing. You can occasionally find her writing short stories in the horror, drama, and mystery genres, having rekindled a love of fiction when she placed third out of three thousand entrants in NYC Midnight’s 2017 Short Story Contest.

Before returning to school to obtain a M.A. in English Literature, Allison was a feature writer/celebrity interviewer for pop culture website Geekscape. Once back in college, with tuition to pay, Allison began ghost-writing porn parody screenplays for Axel Braun, Hustler, Adam & Eve, and Wicked Pictures. Two of her screenplays were nominated for AVN’s Best Screenplay of the Year in 2013 and 2014, and a third won AVN’s Best Screenplay of the Year in 2019.

In recent years, Allison has been working as a freelance editor (one of her clients won Best Young Adult Novel for IndieReader‘s 2016 Discovery Awards), backpacking through Central Europe, and making a general ass of herself online.

She has been published by Nerve, does book coverage for The Big Thrill, and hopes to have many other websites listed here in the near future. If not, she plans on making up ridiculous website names and listing them here anyway.

You can reach Allison at thatmcknight@gmail.com.