About That McKnight

Allison McKnight is one of those rare fourth generation Los Angeles natives. Born on a dark and stormy night (this is untrue) in some month of some year (this, however, is true), she never starts a story with descriptions of the weather (also true).

While Allison primarily engages in writing literary nonfiction, she loves dabbling in short story genre fiction–especially drama and horror. She recently placed third in NYC Midnight’s 2017 Short Story Contest and is currently submitting other short genre pieces to appropriate agencies when she gets stir-crazy from editing her novel (which is often).

She was a feature writer/celebrity interviewer for pop culture website Geekscape before deciding to return to school to obtain a Master of Arts in English Literature, as having a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology wasn’t useless enough on its own. She combined these two degrees to present research on the “celebrity journalist” corruption rampant in post-modern New Journalism at both the ACACIA Conference and the CSU Student Research Competition.

In recent years, Allison has been editing other writers’ novels (one of which won Best Young Adult Novel for IndieReader‘s 2016 Discovery Awards), backpacking through Central Europe, and making a general ass of herself online.

She has been published by Nerve and hopes to have many other literary journals and websites listed here in the near future. If not, she plans on making up ridiculous publication titles and listing them here anyway.

You can reach Allison at thatmcknight@gmail.com.